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ACD Forms and Documents

Direct Bill Expense Reimbursement Forms

All transcription and interpreter expenses are billed by the service provider directly to the SPD Fiscal Unit. Prior approval is required for all transcription expenses and for all interpreter services that exceed 12 hours or exceed allowable rates. Attorneys should never pay these expenses out-of-pocket.  A copy of the proper form should be submitted along with the service provider's invoice to the SPD Fiscal Unit, P.O. Box 7923, Madison WI 53707.

Click here for instructions on submitting ACD forms electronically.


Interpreter Request Form
Interpreter Request Form

Transcription Service Request Forms
In Court Form

Out of Court Form
Depositions Form


Healthcare Records

Healthcare Provider Letter

Healthcare FAQ's

Healthcare Records Release

Healthcare Record Checklist



Request for Proposal Submission (RFP) Instructions

2023 RFP Checklist Form

2023 Fixed Fee RFP-Misdemeanor Sample

2023 Fixed Fee Sample Misdemeanor Contract

2023 Fixed Fee RFP-Chapter 51 Sample

2023 Fixed Fee Sample Chapter 51 Contract

File Delivery Reimbursement Form
If the attorney must provide the client file to the client or to successor counsel, the attorney should bill the delivery cost directly to the SPD Fiscal Unit. The form and receipts should be mailed to the address on the form or emailed to

Copy Expense Reimbursement Forms Should be Emailed to
Appellate Copying and Delivery Reimbursement Form

Trial Level Photocopying & Printing Expense Reimbursement Form

Client File Delivery Expense Reimbursement Form

Certification Applications
General Certification Application

Misdemeanors Certification Application

Class B-I Felonies, Juvenile, Mental Health and Revocation Certification Application

Class A Felonies Certification Application

Trial Litigation Experience and Training Requirements Form

Appellate Certification Application

Appellate Litigation/Training Form


Miscellaneous Forms/Templates

Record Memorandum of Understanding

Sample Letter to Client re: Writ of Certiorari

Adult Flowchart

Juvenile Record Flowchart

Notice of Completion of Representation

Len Bias Memorandum

Duties of Trial Counsel

Ethics Opinion EF-21-03 Fugitive Client

Paralegal/Legal Assistant Billing Directions

Appellate Forms/Templates

DOC Release Form - Protected Health Information (DOC-1163A)  -PDF Format-     -Word Format-

​DOC Release Form - Non-Health Information (DOC-1163)  -PDF Format-    -Word Format-

How to File a Document

How to file File the Notice of Appeal

Notice of Completion of Representation - Word Document

Motion -Word Document

Discovery Demand -PDF     - Word Document

Authorization to Appear -Word Document

Substitution Of Judge -Word Document

Waiver of Preliminary Hearing -Word Document

Proposed Order Template- Word Document

Court of Appeals Brief

Court of Appeals No Merit Brief and Certification

Request for Transcript Form (In-Court)

Supreme Court Petition for Review

Supreme Court Brief

Trial Attorney Questionnaire

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