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SPD Facts-At-A-Glance

The SPD’s total budget is $89.44 million in the current year (Fiscal Year 2019):

  • Over 98% is funded by General Purpose Revenues (i.e., revenue from income and sales taxes); the balance is Program Revenue from client collections and training programs.

  • Over 92% is spent for personnel and private bar payments.

In FY19, the SPD is authorized 614.85 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions, located in 40 offices throughout the state (37 trial, 2 appellate and a central administration office):

  • 374.20 FTE attorneys and attorney managers,

  • 231.65 FTE administrative and support staff (broken down below)

    • 48.15 FTE Public Defender Investigators

    • 19.80 FTE Client Services Specialists

    • 94.95 FTE Legal Secretaries

    • 15.65 FTE Legal Associates

    • 9.0 FTE Regional Office Administrators

    • 7.0 FTE Office Operations Associates

    • 46.1 FTE Administration Office and Executive Team

Case Openings (Prior Full Fiscal Year)
In FY18, the SPD appointed counsel in 140,520 cases, including 3,135 appellate level cases. Overflow and conflict cases are assigned to the private bar.

In FY 18:

  • Approx. 60% were assigned to staff attorneys.

  • Approx. 37% were assigned to private bar attorneys on rotational basis, at a statutory hourly rate of $40 for work in or out of court and $25 for travel.

  • Approx. 3% (misdemeanors and mental health commitments only) were assigned to private bar contractors on a fixed-fee basis.

Historical Case Openings:
      FY17       137,765 
      FY16       138,858
      FY15       138,105
      FY14       136,273
      FY13       138,325
      FY12       138,813
      FY11       127,356
      FY10       130,709
      FY09       142,879
      FY08       136,627
      FY07       142,396
      FY06       145,240

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