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Pretrial Motions Practice

In popular culture, criminal proceedings are often depicted as having two parts: the issuance of a criminal charge and the jury trial. Little to nothing is made of the multitude of pre-trial proceedings in between. And while TV shows and movies love the quintessential trial scene, the reality is that the vast majority of cases are usually won or lost well before trial.


As a result, a robust pretrial motions practice is the backbone of an effective criminal defense practice. Developing a robust pre-trial motion practice requires developing a host of skills, including: strong knowledge of constitutional and statutory law, persuasive writing skills, and the ability to create a favorable evidentiary record.


None of these are easy skills to develop and all are skills that thoughtful practitioners continues to develop across their entire career. The Pretrial Motions Practice Group Coordinator position was created in 2022 to help WSPD attorneys and private counsel across Wisconsin develop, maintain, or enhance a robust pretrial motion practice.


Specifically, the Pretrial Motions Practice Group Coordinator consults with attorneys across the State on pretrial motion issues and strategies. The Coordinator helps to identify and create statewide strategies to litigate areas of pressing need. The Coordinator also conducts training sessions and gives presentations to help raise the level of pretrial motion practice and standardize best practices.

Pretrial Motions Practice Coordinator


Adam Welch


Adam Welch is the Pretrial Motions Practice Coordinator. Adam has exclusively worked in the area of criminal defense since graduating from U.W. Law School in 2007. He has been an assistant state public defender in Racine, Walworth, and Dane Counties. While in private practice Adam handled cases in trial courts throughout the state, the court of appeals, and the Supreme Court. He is currently a public defender in the Madison Trial Office where he primarily handles serious felony cases. Adam enjoys working through complex litigation issues and helping out with training and mentoring whenever possible. He lives in Madison.

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