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Faun Moses

Appellate Division Director

Faun Moses joined the SPD in the early 2000s as a volunteer in the Administrative office. She then became an investigative intern while an undergraduate student at UW-Madison and, after graduating, worked as an Investigator in the Fond du Lac region from 2005 to 2007. Faun then attended UW-Madison Law School, where she worked with the Innocence Project, ACLU's Capital Punishment Project, and interned in the SPD's Madison Trial Office Adult and Juvenile Division, as part of the Defender Project. After law school, in 2010 Faun began working in the Madison Appellate office of the SPD. In recognition of her work and dedication to providing high-quality representation to indigent clients, she received the 2015 Up and Coming Lawyer Award, sponsored by the Wisconsin Law Journal.

In 2015, Faun began working in the Janesville Trial office of the SPD as a Local Attorney Manager and was subsequently promoted in 2017 to Regional Attorney Manager of the Janesville Region. In 2023, Faun became the Appellate Division Director.

Faun received her law degree from UW-Madison Law School and undergraduate degree in Sociology/certificate in Criminal Justice, from UW-Madison.


Faun Moses
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